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August 14, 2010
By becky4 GOLD, New Port Richey, Florida
becky4 GOLD, New Port Richey, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
There always another way.

When everything falls
The world will rumble
A plate to the floor
A door in the air
The wind will be weak
The hurricane strong
The houses so small
The land so large
The trees are uprooted
Lakes are drained
Homes are empty
And there's lots of rain
Destruction is visible
From a small t.v. screen
And families are shattered
By all natural means
So why are we so happy
As we say goodbye to our lives
Why do we smile
When we see nothing good
What beauty is there
In this passing moment
As our past is ruined
Where the future awaits

The author's comments:
We see beauty in destruction and love in heart brake where as most belive we create that is what makes us special.

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