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Please Wake Up

September 13, 2010
By Nicole93 PLATINUM, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Nicole93 PLATINUM, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
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Person one-
I try to wake you up,
but your eyes wont seem to open.
I shake you, and yell at you,
but you won't wake up.

Person 2-
Im sleeping so deeply,
I just can't wake up.
I don't know i'm sleeping,
so how can I wake up?

Person 1-
I've been trying for so long,
I've been trying so hard.
You push me away,
when I try to wake you up.
You need to wake up.

Person 2-
You say that i'm sleeping,
but how do you know?
you don't know if im truly dreaming,
so just let me go.
If my minds truly dreaming,
i'll wake up on my own.

Person 1-
You'll never wake up,
I need you here with me,
im trying to open your eyes,
so you can see it was all just a dream.

Person 2-
If it's all just a dream,
how is this so real?
i'm scared to wake up,
I don't know how to feel.

Person 1-
I'll teach you to feel,
I'll teach you to be,
but you need to wake up,
I need you to see.

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