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September 18, 2010
By mandielynnrose GOLD, Tucson, Arizona
mandielynnrose GOLD, Tucson, Arizona
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Sometimes I wish I could go back.
Back to the 8 hour schooldays and riding the bus home every afternoon.
Back to high expectations and parental guidance.
Back to staying up till 1 to finish a big project and getting up at 5.
Now its 8 hours of sleeping and riding in a minivan to unknown places.
Now theres no expectations to live up to and i am my own parent.
Now its staying up till 1 bc you cant sleep and waking up at 5 bc of nightmares.
I could get all that back i suppose.
But some things are gone forever.
Like rocking my baby sister to bed after hours of crying.
Like fistfighting with your younger brother over the last piece of pizza.
Like drinking coffee with your dad in the early morning.
Because that baby girl isnt a baby anymore, she grew up when you left her.
And your brother dont even want to touch you anymore.
And your dad wont even look at you.
Yeah times change.
And yeh sometimes i wish i could go back.
But then again there are new things that you wont let go.
Cause you're growing older with him.
And he'll hug you and give you the last piece of pizza.
And he'll look you right in the eyes and listen to you talk for hours.
And it makes you think.
About how sometimes you cant get something back.
That maybe you should set it free so you can fnally move on and be happy.
And that life is waiting patiently to be yours again cause it hasnt been yours for far too long.

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