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Slow Daybreak MAG

May 30, 2008
By Pearl SILVER, Carson City, Michigan
Pearl SILVER, Carson City, Michigan
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"If your not looking forward, then your looking backwards. And if you don't be carefull, your going to smack into something really hard." -Unknown-

The sun is my alarm. Waking me and laying me down every moon rise.
A slow sun for play and a long morning on its way.
Just when time stops, cars freeze and the breeze is caught stealing a leaf from my maple tree.
My hair stuck in one place.
My world might have stopped, my body may have rusted over time.
But my words will ring on into the sunrise.

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on Apr. 3 2015 at 2:39 am
Iamwhoiam17 GOLD, Lake City Fl, Florida
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Just be yourself,if you are happy that's all that matter's.

I love this poem. Beautifully written! It is amazing! :) Please take and rate my poetry,I will appreciate it.

KylieV SILVER said...
on Aug. 6 2013 at 11:28 pm
KylieV SILVER, Goose Creek, South Carolina
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This poem is simple and descriptive. The person in this poem is almost reminicising as time freezes. The use of imagery is well used by saying that this person is getting older: "My world might have stopped, my body may have rusted over time." Great poem!

Mandy22 GOLD said...
on Jul. 24 2013 at 7:16 am
Mandy22 GOLD, Apollo, Pennsylvania
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"True love will triumph in the end - which may or may not be a lie, but if it is a lie, then it's the most beautiful lie we have."

A simply beautiful poem :)

on Apr. 1 2010 at 9:49 pm
fatomelette BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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