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We Are Artists

September 23, 2010
By Eiscube SILVER, Temecula, California
Eiscube SILVER, Temecula, California
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We are artists, not matter what anyone says.
WE are artists, loosing the race, but winning the game.
We Are artists, making people feel again.
We aRe artists, we stand tall and proud, unafraid to what we love.
We arE artists, and we are cutting through the paper that is always held in front of our faces.
We are Artists, and we always have a choice.
We are aRtists, not some sick plea at fitting in.
We are arTists, the dreamers of tomorrow.
We are artIsts, and individuals who are boiling with new ideas, if you just listened.
We are artiSts, we live for what we love.
We are artisTs, not the failed attempts to fly.
WE are artists, we never walk away from a challenge.
We ARE artists, seeing past the lies.
We are ARTISTS, doing what it takes to try.
We are Artists, our senses acute with music.
We are aRtists, a paintbrush in our hand.
We are arTists, staring out at the crowd.
We are artIsts, singing to the world.
We are artiSts, dancing to the beat at hand.
We are artisTs, our fingers lovingly gliding over our instruments.
We are artistS, writing in black ink across the write pages.
We are artists, capturing the image.
WE ARE ARTISTS, and no one can take that from us. . .

The author's comments:
This goes out to all the artists. All of those who draw or paint, who write, who play instruments, who are composers, who sing, who dance, who act, who are photographers, who write poetry, who are techies, who do make up or who are stage ninjas, who are camera or lighting people, and all else who think of what they love to do as an art or a talent, Just remember that you are an artists and NO ONE can tell you other wise. Do what you love and don't give up ever...

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