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Burn (in memory of 9/11)

September 12, 2010
By BekkahsLoopy GOLD, San Jose, California
BekkahsLoopy GOLD, San Jose, California
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We burn our enemies
To warm our inner soul
We brand an evil image of ourselves
Into the minds of others
Though we cannot see its wound
And smell its burning flesh
We light afire others happiness
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Their misery revealed
The evidence gone
Though the fire burning for eternity
We erase what we don’t like
For all to see
The flames reflect in our eyes
Mirroring our lost souls
The loathing remains and cannot be extinguished
But what’s this?
It kindles new flame
New hate
New fiery opinions
And more burning
The fire leaps and spreads
It’s raging like the anger being held inside
Put it out!
But no, it can’t
Because the source still remains
The wrath
The hate
The history
Keeps burning
Until the words stop speaking

The author's comments:
Written on 9/11/2010, out of inspiration from the San Bruno fire, 9/11, and the almost-burning of the Koran, along with the aftermaths of all of these events.

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