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Who you are, What you've done...

September 24, 2010
By RochelleR. GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
RochelleR. GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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Remember that time when, you said it'd be alright and, I could call you at each and every single time when, something's on my mind or if ever needed guidance. Then on from that time then, on you I relied when, problems came into my life, cuz you were there to mind them. No one elsesupported me, at least not to your degree. Everything I'd want or need,you generously brought to me, and honestly, was nice to have someone in my corner for me. All these things inside of me, boiled me and bothered me. Had no one to talk to and had no one to fight for me. But u were like a god to me, I knew u had a heart for me. Made me feel like this world had a special part for me. But then our downfall couldn't happen any sooner. Knew my stories started false, but would soon become truer. And everything we fought for was all thrown into the sewer. But never in a million years thought you were... You were supposed to be the friend I never let go. Despite the mistakes that I made, and feelings that I let show. Never thought I'd lack your warmth or my heart would be left cold. Memories in mind just won't allow me to accept so. Filled with so much love but still hurting from regret though. So everytime your near, I make sure I put on my best show. Hoping my appearance will be able to impress those, signals in her brain that be telling her to forget Ro. But I'm unforgettable. Well at least you are to me. These days I need a telescope, your still to faraway to see. But things are getting better though. Or that's just the way it seems. I'm praying that you never go. Even if you barely leave. And when I was with you didn't act rudely because, it felt like a privilege to be a girl who you loved. From the start I knew you were always true to me but, the last thing I thought you'd ever do to me was... If time's here to erase all the miracles I receive. And leave me in a conscience where what's real is hard to believe. Then rid me of these clocks and let me live until I'm released, from shadows of the never ending shame that travels with me. But no it never stops there, a chip right off the block where, I previously landed, and returned to learn life's not fair. But still it never added, to sum up what coulda happened, to make us lose our virtue, but still we had the nerve to,rekindle the lost feelings that were shattered ova a word or two. Butemotions remained scatter and battered from when I hurt you. What happens never matters cuz there's a lesson I must learn though, knowing how it is when feeling like I dnt deserve you. Just need you to take the time, to see the truth in my eyes, where a blind fool used to lie and lonely girl used to cry. Its still not what it looks like. So pushed everything aside. Waiting for you to provide. But d***... I've waited long enough to finally realize that forever you're...

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on Oct. 6 2010 at 4:11 pm
-OathKeeper- BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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"You Don't Know What Control Is... Until You Lose It."

This beautiful, as are all your poems. You get a 5 out of 5 from me