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Kissing Concrete

October 20, 2010
By KayMarie GOLD, Spanish Fork, Utah
KayMarie GOLD, Spanish Fork, Utah
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My fingertips graze past every last page
The memories a blur of intricacy
And no one understands how I could cry alone
But how do I explain that I’m afraid of me
The nightmares come so haunting
Every touch I can feel is becoming more and more real
When the closeness moves away
And I fall from these silk sheets
My body kisses concrete
Where empty faces and clockwork meet
They say I have no soul
It died with my hopes long ago
But when I fell apart
I dragged my bones down cracked sidewalks
Dragging along my wounded heart
I cross the pathways of death and despair
To where is no end, I can see it from here
Slip off my shoes bolt mad eyed into the unknown
The walk of a fallen angel
The walk of someone who has no wings
And knows how it feels to fly.
Strip me of my iniquity
My cruel unusual mind
For I have stepped over rocky ground
Into fields unmarked and unknown
Every beautiful masterpiece is hiding for me to find
Every trip I take is my mistake
I have no bounds I lope where the sun rises
Taking every minute in as the fleeting moon falls
Eyelashes brush raindrops
And I’ve been rebirthed once again
As I take each new step my marks are imprinted upon the dirt
Maybe my road will be marked “unknown”
And others will turn its way
I fall from these silk sheets
Waiting once again
For dreams to succumb to me
In the depths of my mind
I surrender to what’s blind

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