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you didnt

October 30, 2010
By saramarie SILVER, Fairmount, Indiana
saramarie SILVER, Fairmount, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
hate is easy. love takes courage.
the only reason in life is love.
i don't hate you i just strongly dislike you.
you're a great friend but if zombies chase us i'm so tripping you.
if i didn't have my friends, who would i be?

how was i suppose to know
that you didnt feel that way
when you acted like you did
showed me that you did
talked to me like you did
was i just suppose to guess
that it was all a lie
that you were using me
to move up in the world
and never ever cared

how was i suppose to know
that everything you said
was just a way to figure her out
to get with my best friend
you used me to get to her
and once you had her....
i was nothing anymore

you dont even know
how many tears i cried
how many nights i would lie awake
thinking about only you
how everything we had
could have gone so wrong
when that wasnt even true

we never had anything together
it was never true
all you wanted was my best friend
now you have what you wanted
and i again have nothing

how was i suppose to know
that you didnt love me

The author's comments:
he broke my heart

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