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Fear, Fear, Fear

November 5, 2010
By NVRSHOUTNVRFAN17 PLATINUM, Morrisville, Vermont
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"to some i am nothing but a burden but to others i am but a miracle."

Walking, walking, walking
You’re stranded
Wondering how long
You’ll roam the
Deserted land

Walking, walking, walking
You turn and look
Both up and down
The gray road
Noticing nothing

Walking, walking, walking
You hear a noise
And look behind.
A car! A car!
Your head shouts

Stopping, stopping, stopping
You slow to a stop
And as the car grows close
You notice the rust
And the blackened windows

Thinking, thinking, thinking
You begin to wonder
Just who it is
Behind that wheel

Thinking, thinking, thinking
Your fear increases
Your heart races
And you ask yourself
Just why did you,
Stop walking?

Walking, walking, walking
You push yourself
Putting as much distance
Between you and him

Closer, closer, closer
The car draws nearer
You wonder just why,
Your car had to die,
Out here,
With no help?

Trotting, trotting, trotting
You push your legs
Just a little faster,
Scenarios reach you
From the back of your

Running, running, running
The pavement flies
Beneath your feet
But the car catches you

And just when you think
Your little life
Is coming to a horrific
You notice
The car is…

Passing, passing, passing.

The author's comments:
just a random excercise from creative writing class :D

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