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One day

November 7, 2010
By RachelAndersen96 SILVER, Rolling Meadows, Illinois
RachelAndersen96 SILVER, Rolling Meadows, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
You give up your childhood. You miss proms and games and high-school events, and people say it's awful... I say it was a good trade. You miss something but I think I gained more than I lost. Mary Lou Retton.

Another quote by her: Each one of us ha"Each one of us has a fire in our heart for something. It's our goal in life to find it and keep it lit."

One day I think about the future and not say “what if”
Instead I’ll say “I will”
When I look outside,
I won’t just see the clouds,
I’ll look past them to the little glimpse of the sun.
I won’t get annoyed of the birds waking me up in the morning,
But instead, I will sing along with them.
I say will not slouch around the house,
I’ll go out and walk with my head held high.
Instead of saying no without thinking,
I’ll say yes with a smile.
Hopefully that day will be come soon.

The author's comments:
I wanted to show that being positive is important even in the worst of moments in life.

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