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All I Need Is A Simple Escape

November 10, 2010
By BrOkEn_LoVe BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
BrOkEn_LoVe BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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"asking for help isnt a sign of weakness but a sign of strength"

The world is closing on my slowly.

How could this be?

Your love was the key..know its lost.

My sorry's arnt enough to snow you how much I miss you.

Now i question my life and question are fate.

All I need is a simple escape!

The doors are closed.

Curtin's blackened with no light seeping threw the stich's.

All I can do is cry.

Only if you new how I felt.

My heart stops forever and know I'm on my last breath.

All I need is a simple escape!

The blood from my cuts stain the white carpet.

I'm sorry with tears in my eyes.

Your voice peirce's my heart and makes it hurt so much.

The guilt of loosing you again is the worst pain I ever felt.

Only if I new how you felt.

Baby all we need is a simple escape!

All I dream is you not here.

I wake up to you not there next to me.

The hole in my heart can only be filled by you.

The spot on the bed grows cold and forgotten.

Now all I need is a simple escape!

The author's comments:
its about a past break up i had with the love of my life

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