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Broken Mirror

November 18, 2010
By Nicole93 PLATINUM, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Nicole93 PLATINUM, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
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The mirror you peer into,
must be broken,
your vision must be impaired.
You care not, to see the truth,
within yourself.

Im sitting on the outside
wondering how you don't see,
how you dont believe,
that what you are is something else.

You mirror must be broken, your vision must be impaired. Whats been planted by the carelessness of others,
grows a bad seed within your brain.

Look into this whole mirror I stand,
infront of you,
see the truth within the lies,
the tears you cry, I try to dry.
Look into my eyes, see what I see,
what I need you to believe.

The mirror you peer into,
must be broken,
from all the punches you throw,
from the influence of the past,
how long could it last,
until you replace this mirror?

What will you feel,
when you finally see whats real,
when you find the truth within the lies.
How many tries, will it take,
until this mirror breaks,
for the last time?

How much can one mirror take,
it already is so broken.
I see the tape that you've tried to fix it with,
I see it peeling off,
a small attempt at hope.

The mirror you peer into,
must be broken,
I see the shattered glass,
from all the hurt of your past.
Your vision must be impaired,
I've stared into the eyes,
so hard, and I see what you won't ever see,
what you wont believe.
Have you ever seen through me?

The sight you see I won't believe,
your mirror is broken,
your vision is impaired.
I've looked and tried to see,
have you ever seen through me?

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