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What The Teenage Girl Knows

November 28, 2010
By rachelchace DIAMOND, Stratford, Connecticut
rachelchace DIAMOND, Stratford, Connecticut
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"If everyone were perfect, Individuality would be extinct." -Rachel Chace (me)

She knows how to be happy

And what makes her smile complete.

She knows what she wants

But not what she needs.

She knows how to be herself,

As long as she knows who she is.

She knows how to start drama

And how to avoid it.

She knows she can’t trust everyone,

And even true friends can become her worst enemies.

She knows her parents love her,

Even if that’s not always how it seems.

She knows how to argue with her sister,

But not how to stop her form yelling.

She knows how to be her own person

But not how to love herself completely.

She knows how it feels to think you’re in love

And she’ll never forget how he left her heart in pieces.

She knows how to heal her own scars

And fix her own bruises.

She knows how to stay happy

Even when she looses.

She knows how to stay strong

Even when she feels weak.

She knows how to study and get good grades

Even if that means times is little.

She knows she has stress

More than she can handle.

She knows how to cry,

And that it’s okay to let go.

She knows how to remember,

And when to forget.

She knows money is tight,

And the value of a dollar.

She knows how to pretend

And when to wear a fake smile.

She knows how to feel pain

But not how to be invincible.

Most of all she knows how to be a teenage girl,

Even if that means her knowledge is only beginning.

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