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How To Be Yourself

November 28, 2010
By rachelchace DIAMOND, Stratford, Connecticut
rachelchace DIAMOND, Stratford, Connecticut
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"If everyone were perfect, Individuality would be extinct." -Rachel Chace (me)

Take off your mask,
Don’t fear the past.

Don’t show them who they want to see.

Be everything that you wanted to be.

Look in their eyes and laugh just to let them see,

You’re the girl inside

I can care less about your apologies

And ever promise you made to me.

Or the truth you never cared enough to tell.

I’m me and that’s all I’ll ever be.

The memories won’t fade and we’ll only get older

But my smile won’t break, it will only get bolder.

You can’t tear me down. I’m not easy to please.

And if you thought, that I was anything but me

Then look at me now. I smile exasperatingly

Every second is mine.

I don’t live for you. I live my life for me.

I’m everything I aspire to be.

I love my life,

And that’s enough for me.

You broke every piece of me.

Now I realize, I’m better without you

I’m happier with just me.

My smile stitches together every golden piece.

So try to break me, I dare you.

It won’t work anymore.

I know how to be myself,

I hope you have fun all by yourself.

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