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To The Bestest Of Friends

December 23, 2010
By Jailei88 PLATINUM, Van Buren, Arkansas
Jailei88 PLATINUM, Van Buren, Arkansas
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The laughter
the tears
to the I wish you was here
the pain
the sorrow
been throught it all
the ups
the downs
and rollercoaster rides
youve been by my side
you are great
dear to my heart
the inside jokes
to the i hate yous which actually mean
i love you
acting r*******
to being mature
to the anger
and the happy
I cant explain
how you find such wonderful friends
but they will be there forever until the end
I enjoy it all
even if you get upset with me
to the goofy
to the bruises
yeah we beat on each other
punch and pinch
to bloody knuckles
to hugs
were violent and immature
but thats what mature people call
fun people
well sometimes
I absolutely love my bestest of friends
forever until the end
because Ive got their back
even if they dont have mine
I stay loyal
I know they back me even when Im wrong
We still will carry on
to cheers to us and cheers to boys(;
because secret nicknames mean it all
yelling at people on the sidewalk mean more than words
thats bonding while driving
so cheers to you and cheers to me
I drink...koolaide to bestest of friends

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