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December 23, 2010
By WritingAllDay GOLD, Fountain, Colorado
WritingAllDay GOLD, Fountain, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Turn correct side to enemy" - M72 Law Instructions

Delve deep into the devilish deeds that I proceed
To define and deplete unto thee in these words
The devil demands death and dirty diminuitive things
To be spoken daily and heard
To be daintly dispersed until the husband hears of the fling
To fill the woman's hearse
With contents similar to that of her purse
Black book with addresses used for undressing
Professing her sins was not enough to pro-tect
The devils grip is not dainty, it is deadened
His eyes and thoughts against you are dead-set

Discipline is the first step to knowledge and knowledge is power
The final hour approaches, clock beginning to become witching
All bad things are most possible at this time as it is written
Do you wish you be stiched or the one doing the stiching?
Repairer of the bruised, broken or bitten?
What side would you choose? The devil's power beckons you.
He asks what you desire and offers it
Do you swallow pride and take what is given?
He directs you to a table and tells you to sit.

You break bread with the madness, the red infliction that is in the conscience of human being
Is it true what you are seeing?
Is the madness across from you breathing?
Laughing and teasing?
Huffing and heaving?
Angry that your mind has not yet been made up for his cause.
But the purpose is not for you to give an answer.
See, he has already passed on all knowledge.
His thoughts have become yours, spread like a cancer.
I pray that for you this is a warning.
Against all evil temptations, in adolescence, high school, your workplace or college.

This does not mean to pray everyday,
Or sing songs that seesaw between love and the desire to do drugs
Just be aware that his influence is all around you
Be unafraid if you find clues. Just try to play it cool.
Avoid and defeat the devil's trickery and games.
His ways are influenced by the fear and rickety sphere of cowardice.
He shakes and shivers the world hoping to give you a terrible eye-full.
Blood and bones stripped clean by demons and damned beings in scene of a dream.
But be strong, be aware, be vigilant. Learn to be a living role model. An idol.
Of outstanding human chracteristics. Be your own disciple.

The author's comments:
The devil is always working behind the scenes in everything we do or say. Just wrote this poem to make people more aware of it.

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on Nov. 14 2011 at 6:37 pm
mattisonteeter GOLD, Los Angeles, California
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Beautiful! I loved this so much all the way through. keep writing!