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Seasons Fight is Here

December 24, 2010
By PerfectMGymnast DIAMOND, Parker, Colorado
PerfectMGymnast DIAMOND, Parker, Colorado
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He comes unexpectedly
Clothed in white
His face sparkling and gleaming
He roams the streets blowing his cooled frost onto the town
He is disappointed
He is mad
For the people of this city do not welcome him with open arms
Instead they nag and complain at the toil he has given them
Days go by fast and spring comes into the town
Winter cries as melting frozen drops fall from his eyes

Spring kicks him out for this is now her town
She chuckles and laughs with her good friend the sun
The people cheer for she is now here
She destroys the snow and dances through the streets
Her cheeks turn warm and rosy
She wears a vine made of flowers
And picks daisies from the fields to give to the people
She is jolly
And spreads joy to the people
Spring Fever is in the air
Until one day; when summer comes to town

He is full of warmth
More warmth then spring can ever give
He takes over the city and forces spring to leave
He declares school to be over
For it is too hot to be inside
He slips and slides down the streets
Wearing his suit made of water and sun
As his hair made of blue liquid flows with the wind
He is sweating and sunburned
But smiles
He splashes and sprays the hot people with refreshing cool water
They cheer for he has brought them the funnest time of the year
He opens all the pools
People pile in
He feels joy and knows he's giving them a good time
Children play and swim enjoying their days off
Until fall comes to this joyful town

He's disgusted
How dare they laugh and play all day
They should be in school today
So he blows cool air into the town
Sending the heat and summer south for the season
Fall is now here
He comes clothed in a brown, yellow and red leafed toga
The people sigh and frown
Because he sends them back to school
His eyebrows droop down
Slanting towards his nose
They don't know what he is about to do for them
It's not his fault he had to send them back to school
Kids have to learn sooner or later
He knows they will forgive him after this
He rides on the wind around town
He uses his magical
Colorful touch
To turn the leaves from green
To orange
To brown
To red
To purple
The bells are ringing
Schools out for the day
The children shriek with joy
As they ooh and ah at the scenery surrounding them
They site an artwork in the trees
And piles of crumbled leaves on the ground
Children canon ball into the piles among piles of color
Fall is content
He has won over the town

No he did not sprinkle snow down
Or bring summer fun
Or even bring fresh, smelling, blooming flowers
No! He brought the magic touch
The wondrous colors of nature

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