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The Blade Makers Gift

December 24, 2010
By PerfectMGymnast DIAMOND, Parker, Colorado
PerfectMGymnast DIAMOND, Parker, Colorado
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The days stream by as the angels up above are hard at work
They hustle and bustle in their golden kingdoms
They are working aimlessly and hard as each one of them carves a blade
Hand by hand they gently create and intricate design
A work of art
They shiver and shake for their golden kingdom is made also of ice
Days are passing all to quickly as they hope to finish the gleaming white blades in time
The blades sparkle and shine bright under the heat of the lights
A mixture of soil from earths ground mother nature supplies for the angels
Then the angels spark their magic
Sending an aw
A chill
A trance
Upon these special blades
The time has come
The day has finally arrived
The angels take their blades
The gleaming white
Oh so intricate blades
They cast a spell upon each and everyone of them
Then send them away to be stored
They place each and everyone onto the white fluffy blankets and pillows of the sky
The great white cotton balls of the sky guard and protect these important blades
These blades have a job they must carry out
It's now the cotton balls, pillows and fluffy blankets jobs to make sure the duties of the blades are carried out
Life goes on
The angels in the heavens above celebrate and party
For all their work is done
The blades continue to lay upon their soft, lofty caverns
Until the skies blue oceans fade to gray
And the winds begin to cool and chill
Time is ticking
Soon will be the day
For the bed can no longer hold its blades
It is dissolving all to quickly
Until finally the puff in the sky disappears
And the blades are let loose
They gently sway down onto the earth marking the next season to be here
They rain down onto the streets
They pile up like garbage onto the tops of cars and buildings
They come down like pellets
More and more as the day fogs
Until no place or thing is in sight
All that is left is a thin sheet of white
It covers the town and waits
Waiting and listening quietly for the sound of children hard at play
It seems hours go by until a small boy screams, “look!”
What is this glossy sheet on the ground they see?
This is new to them
For they have never once crossed paths with these blades before
The children ooh and ahh at the blades designs
But quickly forget the wonder
Instead they begin to pick up and crush the blades into small balls
so much for the blades
they are now torn and broken
But the children, out running do not even notice or care
instead they use the smooshed balls of clay to throw at people and to fight with
A fresh new aroma fills the air
Candy cane spice perhaps
Of coarse so
For winter is officially here
The fragrance of wet soil and fresh flowers fills the air
A twist of pine adding to the scene
The children have no idea how specially made these blades are
So they pick them up with their warm mittens
Stuffing the poor blades into their mouths
Or they stand under the blade shower
Catching a blade or two upon their tongues
The blades dissolve and melt in their mouths and on their tongues
Filling the childrens mouths with icy cold water
The children snicker and laugh happily
As they take in a big gulp of the tasty liquid
The angels above gleam with big smiles on their faces
For they hear the laughter and joy the children make
They know they have succeeded
they've given this lucky town an ultimate gift
As more blades fall
The children make bigger balls of crushed blades
They role the bundles until they have 3
One child yells, “lets stack them!”
So they do
Another says, “It looks like a person!”
Yipee! Screams the children as their hearts start to race and their breaths become deep
They all quickly gather near the three bundles
They attack it
They cloth it and decorate it
They give it a name
They now look at the figure
A content gleam in their eyes
Frosty- the bundle of blades
It now resembles the face of a man
Next the children grab their slippery pool tubes, chairs and toys
They sit on them and slide down a hill of frost
Each and every time smashing and crushing the blades together and into the ground
The sliding that day they enjoyed
More than any amusement park ride they had been on
This experience was fresh
It was new
A Warming gesture in their hearts
The night was creeping up
There was one more thing they had to do before this day was over
Each child found a spot with fresh snow
They took their positions
Then the children layed down
Resting their whole bodies against the blades
Even through there thick coats they felt the cool chill of the blades on their flesh
It stinged and tung at their skin then gave up feeling their bodies with warmth
The blades they layed upon were soft like a bed
They take it all in
Sinking into its magic
Its warmth
Its beauty
These blades of glory
The children rested a bit and rose back to reality
There was still one thing they must do
They needed to give thanks to the heavens above
To than angels
For the great gift they had received
So they began to move their small limber arms back and forth
Side to side
Until they left an imprint in the blades
It resembled the look of an angel
They left these imprints there as a thank you
A thank you to there blade makers
Then when all was done
The children left for a good night s sleep
Leaving the streets and the whole town deserted and silent
Until tomorrow
When they will have woken early in excitement
To see the crystal blades that had been waiting patiently all night for another days play

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