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Lemonade Stand

December 11, 2010
By swoopingpigeons GOLD, Orangeburg, New York
swoopingpigeons GOLD, Orangeburg, New York
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Hastily scribbled signs
In the ink of dried up markers
Bold lettering on colorful paper
Plastic pitchers and paper cups
Powder mix settles, a wooden spoon to stir
Rickety table on sun soaked black top
Scorching toes and abandoned flip flops
Seventy-five cents, shouted to summer
Salvaged cookie tin of jangling quarters
Car slowing, customer coming
Old woman, drawn to us in reminiscing
Crinkled hands deposit change
High school boy pedals,
Off the sidewalk, cross the double painted lines
He’s older, were silenced, intimidated
Lady jogging, earphones in, we imagine music
Waving arms, breathless she buys two cups
“Keep the change”
All it took for ecstasy:
An extra fifty cents.

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