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I Am Me Today

December 20, 2010
By silence21 GOLD, Terre Haute, Indiana
silence21 GOLD, Terre Haute, Indiana
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I am green today

Fully awake and ready to go

The smile on my lips let's you know

that I am yours today

You're the only one I need to see

Today's just gonna be you and me

But you won't see me in the morning

I'll be his tomorrow

Because I'm gonna feel blue

Calm, relaxed and takin' it slow

You're name won't even cross my mind

But I may be back this evening

Because I'm gonna feel pink

Fun loving and care free

Yeah, I think I'll be back this evening

Pretending that I love you and care

Actin' like you're something really special

And you'll end up believing me again

And may be I'll wake up to me tomorrow

But you can't really trust my smile

Yeah, but I think I'll stick around for a while

Because I'll feel green again

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