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Dear Love

January 5, 2011
By The_Girl_Next_Door PLATINUM, Elkins, Arkansas
The_Girl_Next_Door PLATINUM, Elkins, Arkansas
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~*The mind has but a thousand eyes, and the heart is left with one...Yet the light of a whole life dies the moment love is done.*~

Hello, Love. What’s taken you so long? Why have you waited this long to come out of hiding? I’ve been so depressed…Thinking you weren’t going to ever come. So why now? Why this suddenly? I feel happy. I feel amazing! It feels SO GOOD to know I’m wanted!
But it makes me curious as to why you’re here now…Only after making me suffer for such a long time…I like the feelings he gives me. I like the way he treats me. And I LOVE the way he makes me feel like I’m SOMEONE instead of NO ONE! I’m feeling so ecstatic knowing that he loves me! I’m feeling SO excited to have him here…By my side…Ready to support me through it all…The good AND the bad!
So why did you WAIT until now to let me know that I’m wanted somewhere? I really do want to know! Why make me put up with all the heartache? All the PAIN? Why wait until I’m ready to give up to finally show me the positive side of life? To finally show up and make it all better? You, my friend, are one cruel individual. Love, let me tell you something. You hurt. You hurt bad. But only when I’m alone. Because thought no one wanted me. I thought I was the only one in the world without you in my life. It’s all different now! I’m in love and it is a WONDERFUL feeling! I guess I should thank you for finally making your way into my life. So here goes: Thanks.
Love, me.
PS: Please stay this time…Please?!

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AlouWolf said...
on Jan. 18 2011 at 9:48 pm
I love it like always...