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im here for you

January 19, 2011
By sammypie17 SILVER, Hyannis, Massachusetts
sammypie17 SILVER, Hyannis, Massachusetts
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love like its your last breath

I'm here for you when you have no one else to turn to I'm here when life feels like its pulling you down show it who's boss never let someone bring you so far down that you feel like you can never get back up because you never know who's gunna come by and pull you out and say I'm here for you i think sometI'mes you have to be strong when no one else is willing to be strong with you hold your head up as high as you can and say i can do it i can make it and if no one will help me then ill help myself because when it comes down to it your the only thing that matters so I'm your rope that pulls u up when your feeling down the shoulder when you wanna cry and the notebook when you wanna say thing but just know one thing i love you and you are strong enough to make it and you will .

The author's comments:
im here for you was inspired by my sister who was stuck but finds her way

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