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The Shadow World

January 19, 2011
By lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
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I live in the shadow of myself
In a world of faded swirling doubt
Where love is simply a four letter word
In which it has no significance
My outer shell blocks out that which I crave for the most
That or it fuels it
I for some reason always feel like I need be thanked
I need reassurance on my own abilities
My one tragic flaw is
That I need to be told so
My own work is nothing to me without a greater’s opinion
I’m disgusted at myself for having no confidence in my very own work
I wish to see a cure
The light or remedy
But even my own eyes
Which means nothing to me how am I special
Not even they can find the spark in the ebony veil
In the shadow world I lay pitted in the dark
Groping for the light
This shan’t ever be revealed
But it must come
For life is built upon pillars
In light there is dark
And in dark light
Opposites to outline one another
To show the others power
But where is my light?
Is it this thought here?
That the pillars of the earth shall overcome
Yet this helps me not
For it occurs not in this world
Nor upon the shadow’s earth
For I still grope in the dark
Tripping on stones
Blindly searching for my spark
That which shall lead me to the bright side
The up of this piece
Yet for my first time in ever
It is not here
Am I to lay silent?
Or wallow in fear?
Should I search for the dawn
Of which I know shan’t appear
I have very few choices
Each a dead end road
All leads to sorrow and none to the gold
Not even to silver
Bronze at least
In the shadow world
There is nothing
No good not even decay
For what was there to break
What was there to abolish
Nothing no good or light
No hope, dawn of day
I now leave this world
For this is the best path
To leave it abandoned
Unexplored to steer from its wrath
I know now why I was sent here
To be revealed a truth
That not every land is fertile
Not every herd calm
Nor every mind warped with hope
We must appreciate what our world has truly to offer
There is always hope always joy
Bliss beyond measure
Yet some take it away
Yes things may decay
But at least we have change
Transition from one force to another
Be grateful for our world before tis taken away

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