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January 20, 2011
By AnneKeli GOLD, Lindon, Utah
AnneKeli GOLD, Lindon, Utah
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Bright sun kisses the purple mountains.
I open my eyes and find that night has gone.
Morning comes now, silent but strong.
Night is spent. The moon is nothing more
Than a distant shadow of light nearly lost
In the glowing hues of daybreak.
The fight of darkness is weak.
At long last the shining round
Ascends to reveal an endless day,
Because no more will I make the mistake
To change what I have.
I will appreciate the day and try no more
To amend what is already mine.
The night is over, finally gone.
I am pleased to see it leave, and hope
That I can be as swift as the sun,
Following it across the globe
So I never have to see it set again.

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