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Fiction Love

January 24, 2011
By NsyncLanceFan GOLD, Chehalis, Washington
NsyncLanceFan GOLD, Chehalis, Washington
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"Take a tip from me Mr. Producer. One alligator, one chicken, one satisfied audience." Martin Crane, Frasier

his words climb into my heart
my legs give way
i fall deep in the underground

no rope to pull me up
no ladder to let me climb free
trapped forever in my misery

far away he is now
left me in a pit dug by his love-
what is love but lustful words?

i stay inside myself
no more trust, no more love
everyone leaves

the one stays by me
from the beginning he is there
true love is he

he dropped a rope for me,
he lowered a ladder
he came down to me and set me free

never again the mistake I made
no more fake words weighed by lust
actions are louder to the heart's ears

The author's comments:
People now a days see love as a really odd thing. But what they see is lust. This poem should clear up some things (mainly for the girls who take relationships too seriously and for guys who take them too lightly).

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