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A World Amoungst Hidden Eyes

January 28, 2011
By lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
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Eyes are an amazing thing
They are filled with soul and free of sin
They are portals of beauty
They are an essence of life
But my eyes see differently
Through the evils of our world and to something anew
Hoping to break it free
To cascade its happiness down the fair banks of our river of sorrow
The felling of freedom yet security
For none wants to truly be free
If so what would society be
My eyes gaze sees that which shall bring us utter bliss
A feeling born anew
Not happy nor sad
But an even greater discovery
Something without either
Without happiness no sorrow can be dealt
And without sorrow happiness as an escape or the fear of it ending shall cease to exist
For in the gaze of my eyes a world is hidden where the only felling is peace Raw utter peace to fill the hearts of the faithful and kindle in them the light and truth of what it is to be carefree
Something of an extreme gift
This world is hidden and kept secret by modern society, but we shall prevail
For not only my eyes can see the power of our forgotten world
Other feel it kept deep inside them begging to burst free and ignite the spark to a new generation
Life as we know it will be no more an endless maze of tyranny and despair
It will begin anew but as it was
The trees overhanging shall sing in many voices the streams and creeks shall plenty our hearts with stories of epic beauty awaiting beyond the mountains
Thick mist with the scent of meadows shall overcome us and be a guide to a new wonder
Where their is no suffering pain or death
No fear
Nothing as an opposite
Peace is neutral
It has no enemies ,attackers yes but nothing to withstand its true power
In a world where the mind will unravel but every mystery
For its true power shall to be unlocked and unmatched
Hardy laughter will ring in ears everywhere to be seen
The nights shall have skies glittering and glowing from the hue of thousands of stars
The moon shall take in his bearings and light the way in the dark
Darkness shall never be thick
Every cave shall have a light at the end
Such an incomparable world
Would you like nothing better?
For it strikes me hard to understand why people cry out when it is them who caused and cause their own pain
to act on ones own actions
Yet this world we now live in is cowardly and courage is hidden
Even my own soul is stricken by the mist
Mortal temptations overtake my mind and fog out the glorious hidden world
The I weep for in the perfect world temptations lead to nothing but good
I weep for the thought that if I can see this world and still be plagued with evil then what is the mind of one whose eyes cannot see but are ever blinded
Our world of power is sealed away and without the combined strength of billions hardened hearts .. the gates shan't be open
But their is still other forms of hope
Sometime Somewhere Someday
The gate shall tire exhaust a weary breath then shatter opening our glorious world to all

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