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Confessions of Frustration

January 31, 2011
By AlexandraVasari PLATINUM, Fort Stewart, Georgia
AlexandraVasari PLATINUM, Fort Stewart, Georgia
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Bust a chair against the wall
Scream into a pillow
Embracing my own downfall
Needing the peace of a willow

Pulsing in my veins
Anger boils to the surface
All the empty pains
Come up and have a purpose

To enrage my whole self
Into a fit of violent passion, no control
All I want is good health
Not this reining of irrational

Feelings that burst ,
With every tick of the clock
I begin to feel worse
Turning into a kaleidoscope firework

Mixed up with all the emotion
Of life’s rollercoaster
I keep going through the motions
Don’t feel any closer

To my goals and my dreams,
The idea I have
Never really seems
To take or grab

Attention of others
So I’m left alone with the plan
Not even with my brothers
I’m stuck into a can

Of negativity, no focus
To accomplish what I need to
Yet all the ruckus
Leaves me panging for you

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