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Here and Gone

January 31, 2011
By Urisan GOLD, Grayson, Georgia
Urisan GOLD, Grayson, Georgia
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"every heart break is another wound, the key is to let it scar.. carry the memory with you dont forget it, it makes you who you are and teaches you how not to treat other people you love.. a scar is proof you healed.. have pride in your scars!!................ " by Dalila Christen Roman

Saying goodbye was never what i wanted but,

it seems like i couldn't stop it from coming

and the sad part is we said forever but,

who knew forever meant not together.

I always thought that,

if love was true

you stay with me

and we heal these wounds but,

the truth is clear

my love was the only one living here

so with the pieces of the heart

I gave to you

and the parts that never seemed to make it through

I walk away,

I wonder if you ever knew..

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