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We are more than you know

January 29, 2011
By TWLOHA SILVER, Seattle, Washington
TWLOHA SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
I am Strong because I am Weak
I am Beautiful because I know my Flaws
I am a Lover Because I'm a Fighter
I am Fearless because I have bee Afraid
I am Wise because I have been Foolish
...and I can Laugh because I've known Sadness

My physical appearance I’m not a fan of and they can’t believe it the say I should feel blessed and for some reason excited but I’m not cause my body they can’t get around not literally but mentally they don’t see me ill prepared the physical now a days has become everything our ancestors would be ashamed of the looks young girl get from men well over fifty It’s disgusting! And sex is something we’re rushing but I’m I no race I’m not going to be a part of these toot it a boot it games it’s degrading to both men and women yeah men too cause let be honest neither sex is far from innocent I’m more than a pretty face cause looks only get you so far and don’t really last I want to be more see I don’t mind the compliment but it’s the way you say I’d rather here you’re beautiful than aye ma looking sexy I’m telling you there’s a difference that she’ll notice but it seems like do whatever to be noticed but I’m telling all women right now you’re gorgeous! You don’t always have to were tons of make up to impress or have to outdo every one by wearing the tightest dress we’re strong individuals who should always aspire to go up, up and beyond and I hope one day hopefully someday soon at least most of us could get along cause we have more in common than we truly know we are the passionate on this earth the mothers and daughters and we haven’t given our selves what we deserve we’re beautiful unique yet the same no matter size, race, or age we are pretty no matter our sexual orientation, insecurities that bruise us, and tears that stain our cheeks dark skinned light skinned white and anything in between and for every single one of us there’s no replacement you’re you and I’m me ladies we will for every be beauty queens intelligent we are more than skin .

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