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Tattoo on My Back

February 4, 2011
By shadowofnightfall BRONZE, Sharon, Massachusetts
shadowofnightfall BRONZE, Sharon, Massachusetts
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I’m not an angel,
I am not a perfect girl,
I have my fatal flaws,
I’m anything but a shiny pearl.

I’m not just a studious student,
I’m not completely sane,
I’m not always a shining star,
My heart does feel a lot of pain.

I have a tattoo,
Etched into my back,
Of an angel in flight,
The details drawn in black.

I’m not always happy,
Sometimes I’m filled with hurt,
I’m not a perfect soul,
I’m like a wingless bird.

What it seems on the outside,
Isn’t always true,
And if you dig a little deeper,
You’d see the sky isn’t always blue.

I have a small tattoo,
Etched onto my back,
It’s a picture of an angel,
The details drawn in black.

I’m not made of miracles,
I’m not a privileged princess,
My life is anything but easy,
I’m drowning in a dark abyss.

I’m not that wonderful girl,
I don’t take things for granted,
I can’t ever be normal,
My life is anything but enchanted.

And I’ve got a tiny tattoo,
Etched into my back,
There sits an angel close to me,
The details drawn in black.

I can feel her presence,
Against my right shoulder blade,
Every moment of every day,
She gives me hope when I’m afraid.

But I am not an angel,
Nor will I ever be one,
Because I have my imperfections,
Like fraying ribbons coming undone.

But there is a beautiful angel,
Drawn delicately into my back,
She watches over me constantly,
The details of her wings sketched in black.

The author's comments:
I guess this poem is about how everyone has their imperfection and we can't think that people are one way, when we haven't seen everything about them. In this poem, the girl is talking about a tattoo on her back, and how she isn't perfect though many people think she is.

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on Mar. 4 2011 at 11:27 pm
Maracuja BRONZE, Vancouver, Other
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"The most wasted day, is that in which you have no laughed."

breath-taking :)

totally relateable ..