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Conversation of Salvation

February 10, 2011
By HisPurePrincess ELITE, Flemington, New Jersey
HisPurePrincess ELITE, Flemington, New Jersey
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How can Jesus love me?

I’m a sick cracked up piece of junk
I’m an old torn tire in the trunk
I’m a failure
I don’t even care
I’m wasted and don’t even wear
The hope of a ray of sunshine

I’m nobody’s friend and a friend I am not
I ignore any help and I’m left here to rot
I’m a liar I’m a thief I’m a rat in the sewer stream
No wonder I make my soul scream
I’m a murderer of love I’m always in disguise

My life is a pile of lies
Have I ever truly once meant to give myself away?
And what do I even have to give?
I don’t even know if I posses a heart
Just trying to find it I’m tearing myself apart
I’m no success just leave me in the dust
Leave me here to rust
I’m not worth anything

Oh, child.
Listen to me
You are not worthless
Would I create something like that?
This is how you describe yourself?
Why do you throw your life away?
How can I love you?
Because I made you
You are mine
I died for you

How can Jesus love me?
I'm a dreamer who's proud
I'd rather be loud
In sin
Than be holy
I'm wholly gone

My life is torn up and shredded
Old shoes that don't fit
My shirt's full of rips
Can't tell you how many times I trip
Over the what's the same
Can't remember my own name
Is there any way past all this shame?

My hands are covered in rust
My soul is covered in lust
My heart doesn't know how to trust
And yet, yet I must
Dive into the shadows again
And again
And again

Are you listening to me?
I have provided the way out
You are so full of self-pity
That you cannot see the light
Cannot hear my words
Shall I clear path again?
I will
Tell me you want it
And it will be done
But you must say it in MY name

That name
The one that fills me with shame
The one that I think I hate!
He's the way?
What can he say
That will make THIS fade away?

I heard something on the wind
That faint sound that hurts my ears
But even as I strain to hear
It burst into my atmosphere
That song that burns my face
Heightens my need for grace
Makes me want to leave this place
Where I'm at

Okay! I want to go!

Then come
I am not stopping you
Are you asking me at last?
Where is your faith?
You speak with blindness in your eyes
You speak with doubt full on your tongue
Do you believe that I can do this?

I don't believe that I can do this
When have I ever shown faith?
When did I need it on the path of disgrace?
I'm so old and rotten
So many things I've forgotten
Especially of the Begotten
How do I come?

I will answer you again
I am the Way
I am the Truth
I am the Life
Do you believe?

I, I try
But it's hard
I deny
Myself that right
Rather stay in the night
Is is so worth the light?

That's painful to hear
To go through
All right!
I want to believe in You
But where have you been?

Child, I've always been here
You've been so covered in yourself
You forgot about me
I'm ready to take you back
Are you coming?
Tell me, child, do you believe?


Do you accept my blood?

Wait, you're dying for me?
Stop! I can't
I can't bear to see
How right can that be?
I'm the one that should die

Yes child.
It's true, you should die
But I'm willing
Will you accept my gift?

Why do you give it?

Oh precious one,
That is an answer you know
Because I love you

He said he loves me
He said he Loves me
He said he LOVES me!
I'm coming!
I see you!
I love you too!

Welcome home, child.

The author's comments:
The beginning is a poem I write when I was going through a depressing time. I wrote the other part to finish it, to tell what the end what, and will be.
comment and rate please, I hope this blesses you. :)
Jesus loves you too.

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