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Those eyes

February 13, 2011
By Sasha.Gunter SILVER, Bowdon, Georgia
Sasha.Gunter SILVER, Bowdon, Georgia
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Those eyes
Tell me a story of tides
Breathing in, breathing out
Your voice and mine
I seek another route
I seek escape
Yet I still see those eyes
They take and they take
Take me there
Outside this forlorn box
Take me there
Forget my socks
Tingling toes
Outside this box
Those eyes froze
Outside this box
I hear them chanting
Calling my name
Ranting and panting
Those eyes are to blame
They eat cold liver
they let it stay,
Those eyes with shivers
that never pray
Outside this box
There is no escape
The socks, the socks
Too far away
Those eyes that wander
From toe to toe
Those eyes that rain
And row, and row
Those eyes that breathe and hum and speak
Those eyes that knock the beat from feet
Outside this box
Breathing in and out
Those eyes are all
That I can count.

The author's comments:
We all have that one love that stays with us forever, even if we wish it didnt

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