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Father left me but i'm better now

February 8, 2011
By Ramie BRONZE, Lorenzo, Texas
Ramie BRONZE, Lorenzo, Texas
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Father said i was a waste of time
"you are not mine, not worth a dime!"
I looked at him too young to know
"father, i'll do my best to show..."
"Look at me you worthless mutt!
your just a scab among the cuts"

I close my eyes and pretend to glare
among the floor and among the air
and when i heard what he had said
"someday you will be filled with dread"
and when he left me upon the steps
i started to cry as darkness crept

"one day i will prove him wrong
and grow up oh so nice and strong
and when he sees what i've become
he would plead and beg and run

you should know i am no waste
your child passed what you have placed
among the steps awhile ago
i finally have something to show

"father if your reading this
take upon the poison kiss
and know that you are a father no more
of a child you left outside your door...

The author's comments:
Divorce hurts a lot of children. I have been affected by it personality since my father kicked me and my family in the streets with no money, no home, and no love, all because he wanted another woman. I was really told I would be nothing, but really I am becoming all i can be. Please understand that I don't hate my father, I just wish to share what i felt when I was seven when my father figure left me all alone.

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