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Little GIrl, fighting Cure

February 18, 2011
By sarabellum93 GOLD, San Diego, California
sarabellum93 GOLD, San Diego, California
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"Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality."
~Edgar A. Poe

Little Girl, it was a tragic mistake
To risk your heart and put your love at stake

And to someone who only wanted it to use,
Who only wanted a pawn to abuse

And it seems like you made a target of yourself
As you became desensitized to the emotions you once felt

And after such feelings became a stranger
You became aware of all the dangers

But by then it was too late
For a broken heart sealed your fate

Until you met someone who was willing to try to put the pieces back together
You’ve been given a second chance and it really can’t get any better

Someone with a smile so pure
It truly is the one and only cure

To a heart that has lost its ability to trust
But to continue fighting is a must

So don’t lose hope, and don’t you dare let Him go
Because He is the one source of truth that you know

A Truth where it is clear to see, That my sweet Anthony,
Really does Love Me

The author's comments:
Found out my ex cheated continously on me w/ 3 different girls, but it doesnt matter now bc i've found my one and only <3

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