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A Goodbye

February 18, 2011
By Love1321 PLATINUM, Harrisville, Utah
Love1321 PLATINUM, Harrisville, Utah
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Lugging two suitcases out the door
Fighting the tears, I fear
I glanced back at my tiny home, knowing I would never live there anymore
Nostalgia hit me painfully
“Life is hard,” I told myself, “Deal with it.”
But those words were more than trauma fully
For this was the last time I will be homed in an exotic place as such
Florida is my home
I will miss it very much
As I pulled the suitcases into the van and glanced down the long winding driveway
My heart stopped, sorrow ever rising
Standing near the mailbox was a friend in the van’s way
I stared, his eyes seeping tiny crystals
He waved
I called
“Nice for you to come by.”
He just nodded, his arms wrapping securely around me
His voice trembled as he managed to stammer his last goodbye
I could not stand to feel the sadness
I could not stand to hide it
The tears finally spilled
And his hands were filled
Of it
At last, we tore away
And I raced into the van, slamming the door
He waved
And with a short jerk of the wheel,
The van swerved out of the driveway
And in the loud silence
I realized that I was long gone.

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