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Music to me

February 23, 2011
By xXprettybrowneyesXx SILVER, Coonrapids, Minnesota
xXprettybrowneyesXx SILVER, Coonrapids, Minnesota
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"find hope where darkness hides and where truth and lies are indifferent . "
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Music to me; the rhythm of your heart beating
Music to me; the pounding of the adrenaline pushing its way through you veins
Music to me; a riveting butterfly fluttering its way to your soul
Music to me; a single cry of aching to be understood
Music to me; a sting of acceptance that someone out there feels like you
Music to me; love
As it wraps it arms around you, and promising to love you forever.
Music to me; the sorrow in heartbreak
Music to me; the joyous feeling of optimism
Music to me; a long list of traders who don’t understand
Music to me; a rhapsody playing out the most wondrous melody
Music to me; the intertwined fingers of loved wrapped around your heart
Music to me; the scream of miscommunication
Music to me; the blind shallowness
Music to me; the shriek of an angry battle cry declaring war
Music to me; a never-ending never
Music to me; a lonely regret
Music to me; a saddening story of forgotten friendship
Music to me; a remorseful glare
Music to me; a pang of jealousy in the center of your stomach

Music to me; everything

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