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February 15, 2011
By xXxSKULLZxXx GOLD, Waupaca, Wisconsin
xXxSKULLZxXx GOLD, Waupaca, Wisconsin
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when you see me
when i see you
i think of how it could be
i wonder if it's true

that we could ever be more
than what we are now
before you walk out that door
i need to ask how

how can i make you mine
you know what they say
that it's impossible to find
someone to love this way

if you will let me prove
that it is me you see
closer to you i will move
and show i am me

i am nothing like the next girl
i will prove to you
that i am one of a kind in this world
you will know it's true

that the way i feel now
it might just go away
so i ask you how
can i make you stay

what will it take
to make you stay
oh for heavens sake
promise me you will say

the three words i want to hear
three little words for me
if you knew i want you near
then mine you would be

so promise me you will tell me you love me soon
ans then we can kiss under the bright moon

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