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I've Let You In

February 15, 2011
By leah_bee GOLD, New Iberia, Louisiana
leah_bee GOLD, New Iberia, Louisiana
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Be yourself; because those who care don't matter and those who matter don't care. :)

--Dr. Seuss

I've let you read these lines I write,
Do you know they're mostly about you?
I've let you see what I can't say,
Do you know it's all I can do?

I've let you feel what's in my heart,
Do you know I'm not usually that way?
I've let you glimpse what weighs down my mind,
Do you know I write these every day?

I've given you permission to understand my moods,
Do you know that permission is rare?
I've opened the gates and let you in,
Do you know that admittance makes me scared?

I've showed you some of my secrets,
Do you know that there are still more?
I've placed my heart down on the table,
Do you know I've never done that before?

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