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a mile in my shoes

February 14, 2011
By sillywillysooz GOLD, Grantsville, Utah
sillywillysooz GOLD, Grantsville, Utah
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"never let the fear of striking out, ever keep you from playing the game"

take a look through my eyes
walk a mile in my shoes
take a moment to recognize
all the things that I do.

all the mistakes that I make
and the things that I yell
all the steps that I take
and all the memories that I dwell.

look at the moments that I've broken down
look at the moments that I've burst into tears.
look at all the terrors that I have found
and the moments I have regretfully feared.

ask yourself why I have shied away
ask yourself why I take my anger out on you
just take a moment to look my way
take a moment to step in my shoes.

these questions that I ask
will only come to you
if you take a moment to relax
and walk a mile in my shoes.

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