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Is Nothing Black or White?

February 26, 2011
By Justbeme SILVER, Burlington, Washington
Justbeme SILVER, Burlington, Washington
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Is nothing, black or white?
When we think of nothing
Why is it that we mostly think of black or white?
But then isn’t black something?
And isn’t white something?
And then if we think of nothing don’t we think of nothing that is something
(The absence of something)
Or is nothing, nothing?
Maybe we think of nothing as black because black is dark
And in the dark we can’t see anything
So it is the absence of seeing something
But then what about white
White is light
So, can’t we see in the light?
But then maybe we think white as nothing because white is void of any other color
So there is an absence of something besides white
But if these colors somehow represented nothing
How come white is the symbol for good
How come black is the symbol for evil?
So is nothing black or white?
Or neither of the two?
Or is nothing,just nothing?

The author's comments:
Just some of my thoughts!

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