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Isn't That Funny

February 27, 2011
By SplashOfImaginatiion BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
SplashOfImaginatiion BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Just a reminder to all of you...we're all the same.
No matter what someone may think or what your opinion is, or what someone else's opinion is of you... We are all equal, we all cry, we all bleed, we all get lost sometimes, we all wish we were someone else, wish we could be somewhere else and dream of the perfect life.
The role of a human is to go day by day to make a better life for themself to acheive their goals and make their dreams come true. So I accept each and every one of you out there. NO MATTER WHO OR WHAT YOU ARE."
-Drew Ryan Scott


It’s funny how the things you plan
Never work out
The way you had thought they would

It’s funny how secrets should never be told
Which is why they’re called secrets
But eventually they’re told anyway

It’s funny how I thought you were my friend
My best friend
And you ended up backstabbing me

It’s funny how relationships never work out
They always come to an end
Even though you say you love each other

It’s funny how I thought you loved me
When really
You never did

It’s funny how you lied to me
Without hesitation
And I fell for it

It’s funny how you can make fun of people
People you don’t know
And just hate on them for no reason at all

It’s funny that I once thought I knew the world
I was young
So I didn’t see how things actually were

It’s funny how when you were little
You didn’t need to know much
You were assured everything was all right

It’s funny how bad things just keep happening
And when you think your life’s over
You are surprised by sudden things that make you happy

It’s funny how as a twist
You’re having a streak of good luck
And then everything just falls on you

What’s really funny is
How my life changed so fast

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