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Murderous Memories

February 28, 2011
By Sunshine_Sarah SILVER, New Brighton, Minnesota
Sunshine_Sarah SILVER, New Brighton, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
"To every beginning, there is an end"

There is no peace
In this world of hate
Is there even such thing
As a true soul mate

The day grows dark
Dimmed now with starlight
Memories resurfacing
Memories attached to unpleasant sights

Reminiscing of what was
Or what could have been
If only it weren’t for those painful words
If only it weren’t for those dreadful men

He was angry and full of rage
An easily angered dragon about to burst
Never had I felt love before him
He was a mistake, he was the first

The thought now fades
But more memories are yet to ponder
Remembering the most pain and sorrow of all,
My mind starts to wander

He claimed he loved me, but who knows for sure
My heart, he lured and beckoned
Then broke it, crush it, and left it lifeless
He is my murderer, he was the second

As the memory leaves
Tears now arrive
My memories move on
As I now strive to survive

I didn’t as much to say, love him
And the rumors were not unheard
But I was fooled, tricked, and used
He was a disgusting w****, he was the third

As each image and memory fade
My strength and anger within grow
One more sad thought creeps in into view
And this was not all too long ago

He talked with a rosy tongue, sweet and comforting
He made me worry free and forget about my unpleasant past
But he forgot me, like an old, childhood toy
I was a fool to trust him. I only wish I could say he’ll be the last

His figure now fades to stars against dark blue
All alone, once again, with nothing and no one
Their images still beating on my heart and soul
My heart is not to be played with for fun

Feeling invincible, I’m ready to take on the world
Take in my words as a token
My heart can no longer be hurt by any man
For who can break a heart that’s already broken

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