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Just Be Yourself <3

March 4, 2011
By _Asap BRONZE, New London, Connecticut
_Asap BRONZE, New London, Connecticut
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" The Only Thing That Comes To A Sleeping Man Is Dreams " - Tupac Shakur

Individuality is what you stink at.

Your Not blind to that fact.

It Kills u to be different

You wanna do the S A M E ish that he or she did

God made no one the same

Acting like someone else is just lame

Be yourself it will get u far

Its alright to be the O N L Y brightest star

Your yourself and no one else

Its a shame you C A N T be yourself

Normality is cool buh it just makes you another kid

Do u and youll be different

Stop tryna impress the popular kids

Forget them ; They aint payin ya bills

Life gives u what u put in it

SO why live in somebodies shadow and tolerate they Ish ?

Being u is the Best thing in the world

SO wht if they dnt llke uu and he dont want u for his girl

Be true to yourself and no one else

Walk the world like your they only one of your kind

You shoudlnt just be living

Try to be something that he/she wouldnt.

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