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There Is A Time When You Go To far

March 21, 2011
By Laqaunza GOLD, Sicklerville, New Jersey
Laqaunza GOLD, Sicklerville, New Jersey
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You can do anything, I can do anything, We just have to face the conseqeunces

There is a time when you go to far
As you hurt it turns into a scar
You call me names

No physical damage done

But I felt as though I’m against a wall
I feel as though that wall will break and I might fall
Imprisoned to your friendship
I thought you wouldn’t damage me anymore

There is a time when you would go to far
You’re not my friend today
You’re a bully now
Not taking back the words you say
Even though I waited in line for centuries, after the other people you hurt in the other days
In front of your friends you say “Quirk, stupid, slow, and idiot.”

There was a time when you went too far
Physical damage only done to you
Because I was appalled
“Hurt, stupid, angry, and sad.”
Those are the feelings I felt
When I ended our friendship with that slap
That “friendship” is officially over
That “friendship” was bittersweet victory only to me
"Finallly I'm free, finally i'm free"
I think in my head
As I see your frown go deep

The author's comments:
This is a poem I wrote for my English teacher, for like, a project. It's about how you felt in a situation where you felt inprisoned.

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