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My Mistake

March 14, 2011
By LittleDhamphir BRONZE, Johnson City, Tennessee
LittleDhamphir BRONZE, Johnson City, Tennessee
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Not everything that glitters is gold! What goes up, must come down. You can hate me, but you'll never make me hate myself.

It's broken...
My world,
my heart, my very
has disintegrated,
blown up in smithereens.
It's as if
all my life has
been a dream. A sweet, sweet
Devoid of heartaches and pain,
filled with many
shades of pink, pink
I've awoken into reality.
And I don't like what I see.
People crying, the scents
of death in the air,
salty tears making dirty tracks down forlorn faces.
And kids, oh, the kids.
Stomachs growling from empty stomachs,
parents nowhere to be found.
War, millions dead.
Our father's, brother's, son's, and uncle's fighting
a greedy man's war.
Greedy for world dominance.
And it sickens me.
To think that our world is in tatters,
coming apart by the seams.
It's unfathomable.
Mother Nature cries out to us for help,
but we ignore Her, choosing instead to kill
Her children, the tree's.
She extracts revenge by the three-fold.
Earthquakes, hurricane's, tsunami's.
We feel sorry for a while...
...but we move on.
No longer caring.
Not stopping to think that
what we do today affects
That was my mistake.

The author's comments:
I have to do a presentation at school on Friday, and it was on writing. So I decided for my presentation, to write my own poem. And this is it.

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