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Another Kind of Anorexia

March 10, 2011
By GenevieveR BRONZE, Anonymous, Ohio
GenevieveR BRONZE, Anonymous, Ohio
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Hunger pains

Deep in the middle abdomen - deep, where we hide all our secrets

Stashes of chocolates, self-mutilation, self-hatred, sweets

Stores of fat that keep our hidden anger, our hidden ambition, our hidden lust hot out of reach

But not for long.

Soon, these deposits of fat will shrink away along with our self-worth

Make us feel beautifully skeletal when we are no longer candy coated by lard

When our secrets, our fake smiles, are just as blatant as the ribs you can count by one - two - three..

That will be the day I can scoop my pain out of myself like chocolate ice cream

and lick it clean.

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