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Nobody's Perfect - You Can be Beautiful

March 24, 2011
By HisPurePrincess ELITE, Flemington, New Jersey
HisPurePrincess ELITE, Flemington, New Jersey
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So again I was thinking
On the idea of age
How numbers seem to mean a lot less
When they're just sitting on a page
The idea of getting older
Maybe harder to keep the pace
We start to worry a lot
About the lines showing on our faces
It's strange isn't it?
How when we were all younger
We celebrated every year
The moment of getting older
But then when we reach two decades
It's all of a sudden a scary thing
You're hiding imaginary grays
And forget about celebrating!
This is kind of like a picture
That we hang on our wall
Of how we need to be perfect
How we can't afford to fall
The picture perfectness is a disease
It invades
And sickens our brains
Just wishing time would freeze --------
Isn't the right way
I heard how Selena Gomez says,
"Who says you're not perfect?
Who says you're not beautiful?"
And well, here's something to learn
I know I'm not perfect
I know that I can't be
So I won't try
Like trying to fly
Can't be done by just you and me
But I know that I'm beautiful
Beautiful as a summer sky
You are too
If you believe it
What are you thinking right now?
What's going on in your head?
Don't try and say you're not good enough
And don't say you're more than enough
'Cause nobody's perfect
I'll say it again
Nobody's perfect
But everyone
Can be beautiful

The author's comments:
Just a though about perfection and beauty.

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