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I created a world

March 25, 2011
By KayMarie GOLD, Spanish Fork, Utah
KayMarie GOLD, Spanish Fork, Utah
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I painted the sky.
Yeah, I painted it green.
But the whole world flipped.
And it changed everything.
I spilled white out,
and the clouds came to be.
I let water make the colors run,
so there could be a sea.
I cut up old magazines.
Folded, snipped, and glued.
Till pretty red roses sprouted
and long winged sparrows flew.
But it was such a quiet place,
so I sang a soft song.
It took its place as the wind,
where it rightfully belonged.
The trees made of scotch tape,
sway side to side.
I left my portrait in the sun,
so all the darkness died.
I prayed for love,
and spun full hearts out of thread.
For the popsicle stick people,
with cotton ball heads.
Roads were lined perfectly,
with flickering lollipop streetlights.
My perfect flawless world,
became aglow at night.
When things seemed boring
and the seasons need a change.
I sprinkled glitter light as raindrops
all across the page.
I drew in a clock with no numbers,
time stood still
a perfect moment was stalled
and they all were made to feel.
An immaculate world
safe and free from heartache
created by me
hearts stay in one piece and never break

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