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April 3, 2011
By GOLD, Bradenton, Florida GOLD, Bradenton, Florida
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" She completly fell for him, but he didnt even stumble...</3" -unknown.

Hand in hand,
you stand by me, and
when i fall, you wont let
it free. You'll hold on
no matter how tough,
you'll be there, no matter
how rough.

I count on you, to save
my day, because sometimes
i feel, like slipping

You don't have to try hard,
your my hero its true. Without
you with me, who knows what i
would do.

Thank you for everything, in
every single way, thank you for
help, every single day. Your
a huge part in my life, you
bring out my best, you make
me happy and put my tears to

Just promise to always be here,
till the very end. Promise to
always be here,

forever my bestfriend(:

The author's comments:
i love, my bestfriend<3

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